Vittoria & the Hyde Park



VITTORIA AND THE HYDE PARK are one of the most intere- sting Italian band for the international marketplace. Their debut single “Tomorrow”, released the 25th of March 2016, hits the Italian charts and it was played on the most impor- tant radios.
The #VHP project is signed with the label RNC Music and it’s already been licensed in many foreign countries.
The band has a very strong personality: the frontwoman is Vittoria Hyde. She’s an eclectic and powerful singer, fa- shion-conscious and polyglot.
Gabriele Tirelli, Lorenzo Ferrari and Silvia Ottanà are some of the best Italian multi-instrumentalists musicians and with Vittoria created their fan club with a lot of live shows in Italy and abroad.
As they promised, after the song “Tomorrow”, here’s the second chapter of the trilogy that announce the EP, sche- duled for September.
The new single “Burn Down The Summer” is ready. The pro- ducer is A. Calemme from Los Angeles and the director of the videoclip is Ivica from Italy.
The three videos will be connected as a short film, that will be released with the EP of five songs. The full album is planned for March 2017, published by RNC Music.