The Five Beats

The Five Beats


Cat. n. H&M001

Release date: June 2005


Cd 1: Formentera Lounge side

1. The Defloristics feat. Donald Mc Collum “Givin Up”

2. Island Groove “Not Stupid”

3. Neolectrique “Don’t Give Up”

4. Harley&Muscle feat. Duquee Braun “Change the World” (Fragment Orchestra remix)

5. Luv City “Dream On”

6. Brent Laurence feat. Darrius Willrich “This Life” (Monodeluxe remix)

7. Desansis “Deeper Soul”

8. Steal Vybe “A Melodic Moment while spinning Around”

9. Harley&Muscle feat. Dawn Tallmann “He Did It” (The Rurals remix)

10. John Dahlbäck “Timeless”

11. Monodeluxe “Night Clubbing”

12. Steal Vybe “Life (Song for Kristi)”


Cd 2: Riviera Cool side

1. Neoelectique “This Time”

2. Harley&Muscle feat. Nicole Graham “Just Breath” (Dino&Terry remix)

3, Eminence feat. S.Neal “Slave to the Poison”

4. Haley&Muscle “Together”

5. Gregory Del Piero feat. L. Barnett “Won’t Stop”

6. John Dahlbäck “Magic Touch”

7. Jay-J with Jo Jo Hailey “In my Life” (Ryralio Djs Remix)

8. Desansis feat. Georgia Cee “Everyday”

9. Physics feat. Teresa “Pushin'” (Miguel Graca remix)

10. Suges feat. S.Neal “Always be your Lady” (John Dahlback Dub remix)

11. Harley&Muscle feat. Robert Owens “Inside your Love”

12. Steal Vybe “I Believe”