Giannelli – Play First


Cat. n. H&M 004

Release Date: October 2006


1. Dolls Combers “Astillas de Verano”

2. Desansis “Depression”

3. Derrick Thompson “Sun Shine”

4. Monodeluxe “Searching”

5. Neolectrique “Secret”

6. Island Groove “Not Stupid”

7. Gene Hunt “Take U for a Ride”

8. Karu feat. Hanna “Every Joy it Brings (Salvation)”

9. Physics feat. Teresa “Pushin’” (Savage Dub remix)

10. Brent Laurence feat. Darrius Willrich “This Life” (Monodeluxe remix)

11. John Dahlbäck “Winterfall”

12. The Defloristics feat. Katja Hardt “Back in the Days”

13. Luv City “Far East”