Vintage55 – The JazzSet Pack

The JazzSet Pack


Cat. n. H&M 016

Release date: 2011


1. Smell3 “Summertime” (G. Gershwin)

2. Gangstar Stories “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” (R.Rodgers L.Hart)

3. Ballads Quartet “Where Are You?” (Adamson, McHugh)

4. Gangstar Stories “Fast Mood” (M.Minardi)

5. Ajmar Project “I Remember You” (V.Schertzinger)

6. Smell3 “Somebody Loves Me” (G.Gershwin, H. Renauld)

7. Smell3 “Laverne Walk” (O.Pettiford)

8. Smell3 “I’ll Remember April” (G. De Paul)

9. Smell3 “I Got Rhythm” (G. Gershwin)

10. Tullio Ricci Ensemble “Samuel is a Jazzman” (T. Ricci)

11. Flower Power “Flower” (E. Principe)

12. Gangstar Stories “Reflected on my Head” (M.Minardi)

13. Tullio Ricci Ensemble “Little Willie Leaps” (Davis)

14. Tullio Ricci Ensemble “Lazy Bird” (Coltrane)