BMW Serie1 – Sound of Summer

BMW Serie1 - Sound of Summer

Cat. n. H&M 017

Release Date: August 2011


Cd1 Urban:

1. Enigmatic “Rosebud”

2. Monodeluxe “To Music To Love”

3. Magnus Wedberg “Red Stone”

4. Hanna “Lavender Wedding”

5. Harley&Muscle “Stylish Class”

6. Monodeluxe “Just Chilling”

7. Enigmatic “Sea of Glass”

8. Magnus Wedberg “View”

9. Homeboy “Escape From Beyond”

10. Harley&Muscle “True”

11. Monodeluxe “Into The Light”

12. Magnus Wedberg “Tourist”

13. Enigmatic “In the Morning”

14. Karu “Vip In”


Cd1 Sport:

1. Karu “Sketch the Play”

2. Homeboy “Expert”

3. Joi Cardwell “How Deep Is Your Love?” (Souldynamic Vocal remix)

4. Harley&Muscle “Depends On You”

5. Dj Romain feat. Nedelka “Love Sanctified” (Main Vocal)

6. Magnus Wedberg “4Play”

7. Harley&Muscle feat. Lem Springsteen “Number 1″

8. Josh “Free Spirit”

9. Kerri Chandler with Harley&Muscle “You Can’t Lie” (Deep mix)

10. Magnus Wedberg “Feeling”

11. Demarkus Lewis feat. Demetrius Price “Truth” (Deez Ugt mix)

12. Harley&Muscle “Top Spin”

13. Doug Gray & Gto “Why Does Love” (Magnus Wedberg remix)

14. Izmo feat. Diamondancer “Ice Jungle”