Patrizia Pepe – Melody Rebel

Patrizia Pepe


Cat. n. H&M 020

Release date:


1. Ganga “Down But Up”

2. Boulevard “On My Own” (Original Vocal)

3. 808funk “Chanson D’Mour”

4. Nighthawks “The Younger We Were”

5. Naomi “Needle On The Record”

6. Army Of One “Revelation Dub” (Dub mix)

7. Audio Instinct feat. Mondayish “No Cure”

8. Finnebassen “Touching Me” (Original mix)

9. Interplay “Locked” (Original mix)

10. Dolls Combers “Un Movimiento”

11. Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood “Somebody”

12. Audio Instinct “Fast or Slow”

13. Steen Thottrup feat. Annette Berg “Heading For The Sunrise”

14. Hideo Kobayashi “Shiroi Mayu” (Yellow Diamond’s Main mix)

15. Billy Preston feat. Novecento “You Are So Beautiful”