Lunare Project – Vol. II

Lunare Project II


Cat. n. H&M022

Release date: November 2013


1. Nicole Graham “Just Breath”

2. Hanna feat. Robin Johnson “Fear Not”

3. Neolectrique “Allegria”

4. Harley&Muscle feat. Lem Springsteen “Number 1” (Charles Dockins remix)

5. Dolls Combers feat. Kholi Twala ‘Absorb the Light’ (DC Absorb mix)

6. Physics feat. Alexandra “So Glad” (Martino So Deep mix)

7. Jay-J with Jo Jo Hailey “In my Life” (Steal Vybe remix)

8. Kevin Yost “Like a Dream to Me” (Harley&Muscle’s Silvia Deep remix)

9. Boulevard “On My Own” (Island Groove remix)

10. Island Groove “What I love”

11. From P60 feat. Lisa Shaw “Magic” (Harley&Muscle Genuine Parts remix)

12. Silvia Zaragoza feat. Dawn Tallman “Magical”

13. Demarkus Lewis feat. Marissa Guzman “Get Yourself Together”

14. Harley&Muscle feat. Joi Cardwell  “How Deep Is Your Love?” (Mateo&Matos Dubout remix)