Ops Objects

Cat. n. H&M 028
Release date: November 2014
1. Steve F. “Flying Melodies”
2.  Monodeluxe “Just Chilling”
3. Suges feat. Syreeta Neal “Always Be Your Lady”
4. No Solution “Free Mind”
5. Dolls Combers feat. Carla Prather “The Morning After”
6. Moses McClean feat. Rob Burns “Love Thing” (Harley&Muscle Deep mix)
7. Distant People feat. Nicole Mitchell “Forbidden Love”
8. Harley&Muscle feat. Christopher McCray “Love’s Peace of Mind” (No Solution remix)
9. Demarkus Lewis feat. Demetrius Price “Truth” (Deez Ugt mix)
10. Phil R. feat. Jay Rolandi “On the Floor”
11. Armando Silvestre & Henri Josh feat. J. Katorz “We are Free”
12. Davidson Ospina “Mission of Love”
13. Izmo “In Da Mood”
14. Lady Blacktronika “Half Az Much”