Lunare Project – Kukai Tribute

Lunare Project


Cat. n. H&M 024
Release date: March 2014

1. The Defloristics feat.  Alison Degbe “Lost in Desire” (5:28)

2. Harley&Muscle feat. Duquee Braun “Change the World” (Fragment Orchestra There’s a Spirit Here remix) (5:28)

3. Harley&Muscle “Night Pillow” (5:24)

4. Neolectrique feat. Teresa Pozgaj “Don’t Give Up” (5:01)

5. Hideo Kobayashi “Shiroi Mayu” (Yellow Diamond’s Main mix) (5:52)

6. Steal Vybe “Trizonna” (5:39)

7. Dolls Combers feat. James Vargas “Nathan” (Reprise mix) (5:30)

8. Kerri Chandler with Harley&Muscle “You Can’t Lie” (Harley&Muscle Deep mix) (5:36)

9. Suges & Martino present Eminence feat. Amy Lee Owens “Single Woman”  (5:25)

10. Dolls Combers feat. Al Olive “Tonite” (Original Vocal mix) (5:24)

11. Steal Vybe “Morning Dancer (Energy Revived)” (5:06)

12. Harley&Muscle feat. Joi Cardwell  “How Deep Is Your Love?” (SoulDynamic Dirty remix) (5:11)

13. Dj Romain feat. Nedelka “Love Sanctified” (Main Vocal)  (5:35)

14. Dolls Combers feat. Simon Green “I’m in Love” (Original mix) (5:38)

Cat. n. H&M024